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 Pinning hold

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PostSubject: Pinning hold   Pinning hold Icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 6:00 pm

A pinning hold (also known as a hold down and in Japanese as osaekomi-waza, "pinning technique") is a general grappling hold used in ground fighting which is aimed to subdue by exerting superior control over an opponent and pinning the opponent to the ground. Pinning holds where both the opponent's shoulders touch the ground are considered winning conditions in several combat sports.

An effective pinning hold is a winning condition in many styles of wrestling, and is known as simply a "pin". Pinning holds maintained for 25 seconds are also a winning condition in Judo. Pinning holds are also used in submission wrestling and mixed martial arts, even though the pinning hold itself is not a winning condition. The holds can be used to rest while the opponent tries to escape or to control the opponent while striking, a tactic known as ground and pound.

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Pinning hold
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