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 With rain starting to fall

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PostSubject: With rain starting to fall   With rain starting to fall Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 10:34 am

With rain starting to fall, Woods and McDowell two-putted the par-3 12th for pars from long range. Then came a huge turning point.

At the par-5 13th, Woods drove into the left rough and had no choice but to lay up with his second shot, leaving 153 yards to the hole. From there, he hit his third shot over the green into thicker rough, couldn't keep his fourth shot on the green, chipped eight feet beyond the hole and lipped out his bogey putt.

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PostSubject: Re: With rain starting to fall   With rain starting to fall Icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 5:14 am

This southern coastal route past the rough country in the southern Arabian peninsula (Yemen and Oman today) was significant, and the Egyptian Pharaohs built several shallow canals to service the trade, one more or less along the route of today's Suez canal, and another from the Red Sea to the Nile River, both shallow works that were swallowed up by huge sand storms in antiquity. Later the kingdom of Axum arose in Ethiopia to rule a mercantile empire rooted in the trade with Europe via Alexandria.
Ocean trade routes have crossed the Arabian Sea since ancient times, linking the Near East with East Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and China. Historically, sailors in a type of ship called a dhow used the seasonal monsoon winds to cross the water. The sea forms part of the chief shipping route between Europe and India via the Suez Canal, which links the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea.

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With rain starting to fall
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