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 What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime?

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What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime? Empty
PostSubject: What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime?   What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime? Icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 10:24 am

Just wondering, I thought this would be an interesting topic.

So what are your favorite manga you are reading right now that has yet to be adapted into an anime series or you think should?

Here are my picks:

Death Note - A great series about a young man who finds a Shinigami's book called the Death Note. The book gives him the power to kill anyone he wants whenever he wants, any way he wants. He uses it as a tool to cleanse the world from evil as he sees fit. Of course it gets out of hand. A brilliant detective named L is trying to stop and capture him. They both turn out to be fellow students and it becomes an intriguing game of cat and mouse. The thing is, Death Note is a very DENSE manga and wouldn't be the conventional anime. There's a lot of talking and exposition. I think it could work though and I'd like to see someone give it a try.

Sword Of The Dark Ones - Manga by Kotobuki Tsukasa based on a novel by Yasui Kentaro. Sword Of The Dark Ones is a fantastic manga that's sort of like BERSERK meets Trigun, Hellsing, and Trinity Blood. Its about an ex-mercenary named Leroy Schwartz, whose partner is a talking sentient sword, named Ragnarok. They live in a world where they hunt powerful demons that threaten humanity called Dark Ones. Leroy whom has inhuman super-abilities harbors a dark secret. A really brutal and violent manga with some BADASS characters. There's a great theme in the manga about self-acceptance as well. The manga itself is only three volumes and is totally finished. It can easily be adapted into one anime movie or possibly short OVA series. If need be it could even be fleshed out into a longer series I think. There's a lot more implied events and stories in the manga that can be shown. This is one manga I'm holding my breath for an anime for.

MegaTokyo - Online strip and American manga graphic novels by Fred Gallagher. Fun story about two un-ambitious Americans who hitch a plane to Tokyo from E-3 and end up getting broke and stuck there. Its made by Americans, but it has a lot of Japanese sensibilities and story devices. All the characters are fantastic, especially the leads including the anime freak, Piro, and the gamer freak, Largo. None of them are cookie cutter, and are 3 dimensional. MegaTokyo is famous for popularizing the language that is l33t.

Any comments? Manga you think needs to get anime?

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What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime?
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