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 $1200 Guaranteed - Company Sponsors for You!!!!!!!!!!!

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$1200 Guaranteed - Company Sponsors for You!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: $1200 Guaranteed - Company Sponsors for You!!!!!!!!!!!   $1200 Guaranteed - Company Sponsors for You!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 12:39 am

I guess your wondering why I'm recruiting when there is an automated
recruting system already in place and is included in the one time
payment. Quite simple,(SEE BELOW) it's a WIN-WIN situation for you and
me not to mention that I'm helping a group of members that I'm
associated with and which you will be a part of when you join. It's
all about getting people to cycle ASAP. When this happens everyone you
know will become your best friend when they see that you have come
into some serious extra money each month and will beg you to sign them
up. Let's not forget one thing, if they don't have the money you can
get them started when you cycle, you know PAY IT FORWARD!
It works everytime.

*Latest News*
- ReGenesis2x2 has paid out $1m in the first 77 days!
- They now have their own building with 200 tele-marketers to recruit
downlines for you and they are getting more people and streamlining
the operation each and everyday to get people cycling faster!

If you need money fast, this program will put you into profit your
first month or so and can be worked passively... you can start getting
checks in 2 to 6 weeks.

This Program Has Automated Recruiting and Sponsoring & Can Make YOU
$1200+/Month or much, much more.

No sponsoring required - No work required - No Monthly Fees

The program is available worldwide and has the Automatic Recruiting
System (ARS) which sponsors for you.....

Here is how it works.....

You pay $325 (One Time Payment) for Advertising
This same $325 gets you a Position in the Company
Plus a Capture Page
Plus a Company Website
Company Advertises For You
Company Closed Your Sales
Company Sends You Your First $400
Automatically Creates you another Commission Center
under your Sponsor in the next availabe space. That's YOU!
Total paid to enter including the Advertising was $325

The Company Advertises for YOU until they sponsor 2 Reps for YOU and 2
reps for each of your 2... they send you your first $400.

Pay Plan:
(Click Play Plan Movie)
Also Toll Free Pay Plan Overview: 800-690-3128

Bottom line is that we are all trying to help each other to cycle. You
can use this email to help in promoting. Once our group starts to
cycle it will get faster. It's nothing more than a matter of time
that's all, you WILL cycle ($400) and when each one of your 2 cycle
you WILL get $400 from each of them ($800). If you think in thes terms
you can understand it better because I like everyone else would like
to signup today and have my first of many $1200 cycles start the next

There is nothing to worry is a one time fee
- It costs nothing to be patient
- If it takes 60 or even 90 still win and win big
- $1,200 every....60-90-120 days....for a one-time fee of 325...that's
good math.

Our group is striving for less time than that. I hope you get the

This is what is happening:

1. Personal Recruiting
2. ARS Recruiting
3. Duplication
4. Spillover
5. Re-cycling

The more of each of the foregoing that is occuring within each
individual matrix, the more income will be earned.

So if you purchase extra positions or sponsor more people on your own,
you will make even more money.

Recorded Conference Call: home page of the website:

YOU Determine How Much Money YOU Want Monthly By Purchasing 2x2
Commission Centers!

>> One Commission Center Pays $1,200 (2 to 6 weeks)
>> Two Commission Centers Pay $2,400 (2 to 6 weeks)
>> Five Commission Centers Pay $6,000 (2 to 6 weeks)


>> 10 Members Sponsored Pays $4,000 (2 to 6 weeks)
>> 20 Members Sponsored Pays $8,000 (2 to 6 weeks)
>> 40 Members Sponsored Pays $16,000 (2 to 6 weeks)
>> Plus Income From Your Commission Centers Purchased

Join our group NOW and Make a Difference in your Life, and in the Life
of others... and you can do it without sponsoring.

Take a listen to the 4 minute overview recorded call 800-676-8530.
Regenesis has live conference calls---

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening AT 6 pm PACIFIC Time
(9 pm EASTERN Time) there will be a live information call.
at 12 Noon Pacific Time, 3 pm Eastern Time
CALL 646-519-5860 pin 3434 #

Click here for full info:

Partners in Success,

Process for Signup

Application Link:

1) Purchase M.O. or Check for $325.00
Make Payable to ReGenesis

2) Fill out App.
Sponsors Name: Wayne Calhoun
Sponsors ID: 20235
Sponsors Email:
Sign and Date

2) Fax Copy of Check or MO along with
Copy of Application to 1 866 330 4594

4) Mail Check and Application
by Priority Mail to:
218 Main St.
Suite #241
Kirkland, WA 98033

5) Send Me an Email letting me know
that you have completed the Signup Process.

6) Wait for Welcome Email from ReGensis
on instructions to create you website
and to log into your Back Office Genealogy area

7) Add this email address to your contact
list from the email account that you signed up with:
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$1200 Guaranteed - Company Sponsors for You!!!!!!!!!!!
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