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 Easy $3 Dollar Matrix

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PostSubject: Easy $3 Dollar Matrix   Easy $3 Dollar Matrix Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 2:16 pm

Iíve been involved in all kinds of online money making programs for the last two years. Sadly I never made much on the program as I never had the time to participate in all the programs.

Ten days ago I signed up for a program, just for fun. It is a forced matrix program that promised a huge income with time.

I was more that a bit skeptic but signed up as it looked fairly easy and a small amount of money is involved.

You sign up for only $3 dollars and need to recruit only 3 others people to fill your line.
For each one of them you get $1 plus 0.50c. They in their turn recruits 3, from which you earn 0.11c to 0.12c, going 15 levels deep.

As you can see from the following I already signed up my 3 recruits with another 11 in my downline, earning $7.82 dollar Ė not bad for the first 10 days! (The system uses Alertpay, similar to Paypal, which you sign up for during the signing up Work for 3 dollars.)

Because of this program being a forced matrix, all further recruits I sign up will automatically be forced downwards to fill spaces in my downline, ensuring the system works to full capacity.

I would love to have you in my group and therefore include the link to learn more and to signup.
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Easy $3 Dollar Matrix
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