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 Important Public Announcement! IT'S COMING!!

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Important Public Announcement!  IT'S COMING!! Empty
PostSubject: Important Public Announcement! IT'S COMING!!   Important Public Announcement!  IT'S COMING!! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 5:21 am

Important Public Announcement!  IT'S COMING!! Web2_05Important Public Announcement!  IT'S COMING!! Web2_07


WE ARE GIVING AWAY $1,000,000.00

That's right - EVERYONE WHO JOINS FOR FREE before our official launch date of July 1st 2008 *can receive an EQUAL SHARE of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!
(*divided between all "FREE" members as per the guidelines below)

We are GIVING AWAY ONE MILLION DOLLARS and it WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY! This is not just some crazy promotion to get your attention. It will not cost you ANYTHING and...


We know this sounds too good to be true, but read the details BEFORE YOU JUDGE THIS OPPORTUNITY!


CashBlasterPro, LLC has just opened up the doors on a COMPLETELY FREE pre-launch initiative as part of an effort to build a sizable team for the launch of our new WEB CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES that are due out this summer.

Our team is comprised of highly successful professionals from both the home-business industry and the technology development industry and we have joined forces to create new technologies that are going to CHANGE THE INTERNET AS WE NOW KNOW IT!

We are initiating a 3 stage launch of our technologies. The first stage is open right now and this is the stage where we are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH to our supporters!

In this stage, we are striving to get AS MUCH exposure as possible by offering a free membership and equal share in the ONE MILLION DOLLAR CASH GIVE AWAY - WITH NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

We are doing this so we can build a substantial foundation to our team in order to properly launch these new technologies that, with a large member-base, WILL saturate the entire internet OVERNIGHT.

By participating, you will be one of the founding members responsible for helping us ROLL OUT A "NEW INTERNET"!

That's right! This technology IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WEB for EVERYONE!

There are currently less than 5% of all websites online that are considered Web 2.0 Compliant. This term (Web 2.0) came into being over the last couple of years because of how the internet has evolved from being just an information source, to users becoming fully interactive through Social Networking communities such as mySpace, Facebook, youTube and other similar user interactive communities. Though, as stated above, less than 5% of all websites online are currently considered to be Web 2.0 compliant.

Our "ground-breaking new technology" is NOT just some product, software or website that will create another mySpace type of community. Our new TOP SECRET Technology WILL change THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 Standards!

Because this is a TOP SECRET project and technology, we CANNOT release any further details on our technologies other than what we have just shared. Though, we can tell you that these technologies will certainly be THE NEXT BIG TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, similar to what Amazon, Yahoo, Google and mySpace have achieved, but with EVEN MORE IMPACT because it truly effects the ENTIRE INTERNET!

Our MISSION is to get as many FREE users on our system as possible BEFORE we launch these new technologies, so when we do roll them out, the entire internet will become saturated OVERNIGHT.

Let's get back to how YOU will be compensated as part of this mission. We are willing to share in the financial rewards from the success of this venture with those who help us build the foundation for our launch.

We are offering an equal share of the ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH that we will be giving away to EVERYONE who joins for free between now and July 1st, 2008. The ONLY qualification is that YOU refer at least TWO other FREE members who also sign up on our system before July 1st. That's a pretty easy sale, especially considering that there is NO FEE and we are GIVING AWAY ONE MILLION DOLLARS. VERY EXCITING!

"How can we afford to just give away $1,000,000?"

Good question! And we have an even better answer!

Our goal is to spend the next 24 to 36 months building a membership of users for our new technologies that spans into the MILLIONS of users. Considering the scope of our technologies, we are more than confident that this will be a fairly simple process as we expose our new WEB 2.0 INTERNET UPGRADE Technologies to the world.

The internet and cyber-technology industry has a proven track record of buy-outs and mergers with the top companies in our industry such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft (and many others) scooping up technology start-up companies that are able to quickly create large user bases.

For example, Rupert Murdock bought mySpace for $580 million dollars (now a multi-BILLION dollar property). mySpace bought photobucket for $250 million in cash and an "earn-out" of an additional $50 million dollars. Google bought youTube for $1.65 billion - yes, BILLION dollars!

There is a definite trend happening right before our eyes, and it's HUGE!

If you look at the common theme here, the trend (Web 2.0) is more commonly referred to as SOCIAL NETWORKING. ALL of these companies are based on SOCIAL NETWORKING concepts. So yes, our technologies have a focus on this trend, though NO we are not just opening another mySpace, rather our technology UPGRADES THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 Standards! (think about what you just read for a second and you will have an idea of how big this opportunity really is)

This means that in our first 24 to 36 months (which is a common time frame that companies are offered a buy-out) we expect to have millions of users on our systems.

We will have a few options at this point. 1. Keep the company privately held 2. Initiate an IPO (take the company public) - or 3. Accept an offer from one of the large technology companies in a buy-out scenario.

Our goal is option "3", though if for any reason we are not happy with the amount or terms of the offer, we will look at proceeding forward with option "2". Either way, overnight the company is going to become "flush" and very monetarily fluid, allowing for some tremendous financial rewards for our efforts and success.

At this point, we will exercise our contract and agreement with YOU - (YES, UNDER CONTRACT!), and promptly PAY YOU your share of the $1,000,000.00 for your efforts.

As stated above, all you have to do is refer a minimum of 2 other FREE users by July 1st, 2008. By doing so, you earn one equal share of the $1,000,000 compensation pool. Further, as an extra incentive, for every 2 FREE members that join on your behalf, you will earn another share in the compensation pool.

Shortly (when we hit 10,000 free members), we will be launching stage 2 of our mission by releasing our own foundational SOCIAL NETWORKING platform (which we already have developed and ready to launch) that will be the foundation that we release our NEW Web 2.0 FULL INTERNET UPGRADE technologies on, thus (with a press of a button) spread across the entire internet in an instant! The concept and technologies are simply out of this world!

You are certainly in the right place at the right time. As soon as you join, you will get a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Marketing Center, Prospect Manager and Auto-Responder follow-up system that includes a personal marketing page JUST LIKE THIS PAGE to help you to start building your team and qualify for the shares of the MILLION DOLLAR COMPENSATION POOL.

Further, by pre-building a team with us NOW, you will be able to benefit from the MASSIVE GROWTH of this team as we launch our new technologies which, in itself will create an even more exciting source of income and revenue. We will be releasing the full details of that as we launch our new technologies.

In the meantime, let's get you started right now by setting up your NEW INTERNET Marketing Center and FREE membership!


Get Started NOW! [url][/url]
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Important Public Announcement! IT'S COMING!!
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