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 Networking and earning

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PostSubject: Networking and earning   Networking and earning Icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2007 6:58 pm


I'm Chris from Malta,I would like to share with you my income opportunities, I'm working on 3 networking opportunities at the moment.

The first one I would like to talk about is Yuwie. Yuwie is a free social network that pays its members for just being active. it is very easy to duplicate as it is free and very attractive social network. Most people join Hi5, myspace and so on but these doesn't pay you! Yuwie shares the profits it gains from the advertising it makes and shares them with all members according to the activity levels. It pays up to 10 levels deep and its NOT a forced matrix so the potential income is unlimited. In a weeks time i had over 40 members joining under me and they are increasing daily!! As i said before it is a mean to keep in contact with friends, make new friends, write blogs about any business you may have, upload pics and much more plus you get paid Laughing

Below is my link I would be glad if you just tried it you will be attracted to it as the people over there are very friendly!

The second business I'm involved in is Spin success. Do you want to be listed in search engines? I'm sure most of you would answer yes! When you join you choose a link and this link will be submitted to more then 100,000 different search engines. Apart from that you can build a downline and get paid too!! So you will bring more traffic and at the same time earn some money too.

The third and in my opinion the best of all, I would like to tell you about giblink. Giblink is a social network that has created a new concept in network marketing. For those that have been in the industry of network marketing for a while know how difficult it is to KEEP you referrals. Giblink has a payplan that will make sure that every member that joins will benefit from it. It's slogan is NObody is left behind and it is true.

I joined as a pro member and I tested it. Because most mlms state that you get passive income, no need to refer members and loads of bull .... . Giblink keeps its promises I can guarantee for it ! First i joined as a pro member as I said and I just waited and did nothing. till now I cycled for the first time and earned 100 dollars plus I earned a revenue sharing bonus. Then I started to refer others and I earned 50 dollars from each plus a 15 dollar when they joined. I strongly suggest you to try it because even those that are new in network marketing will earn as I said nobody will be left behind even if you don't refer others.

Unlike mlms, when you join giblink, a standard member gets one (pod but I found pro membership is much more worth it) A pro member gets 3 pods. From then onwards, all those that join Giblink after you will help you to cycle quicker, Yes thats right everyone worldwide will help you. Thats a real concept of TEAMWORK . Apart from that every 3 months members have to renew their membership, so when they renew they will be placed behind you and push you upward to cycle quicker!! Then there are cash pods that are introduced by the company itself and revenue sharing bonuses (from its advertising space)!!

Other features:

It is a network you make a profile.
You promote other business opportunities
Make new friends with poeple that share the same aims
And then as I said and repeat RELAX and wait for the money to roll in!!!

There is much more to say about giblink I just gave you a brief summery of how it works now its up to you to try it. Myself its the best business I have ever encountered.

Here is the link

Hope you found my income opportunities interesting and wish you great success!!
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Networking and earning
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