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 Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........

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PostSubject: Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........   Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:28 am

Just Buzzzzzzzzzing in to say, not sure where to post this so if it's in the wrong place please move it or remove it.................

Hi TBF's

This was originally written for

But can be utilized by ALL businesses. Hopefully it will be of interest, especially to those who are new at MLM, Networking, Affiliate Marketing etc

Here are some suggestions for ways to build your business:

First thing you must do is join and get your FREE Mall at My Power Mall

1 If you don't have a computer - go to the library on a daily basis or work out a trade agreement with a neighbor to use their computer. Offer to baby sit in exchange for your computer time. Fix your specialty recipe. Do some yard work. Find something they need and do it in exchange for some regular computer time.

2 Make absolutely sure you are receiving our emails especially since you probably can't download the RSS Feed Reader on someone else's computer. We will give you a daily flow of information and inspiration that will keep you moving forward even when you think you can't do it. If you're not getting our emails go to the home page of your Back Office and click on the link that will tell you how to make sure you receive them.

3 Don't have a car to get to the library? Catch the bus, pull out your bike, or walk. Remember you're going to have to work harder to make it happen but, hey, the exercise will be great for you!

4 What to do once you're in front of the computer? Send out permission emails. This concept was introduced to us by one of our very first members. Basically you are sending someone an email to ask if you can send them some information on My Power Mall. Next, go to your favorite search engine and search for "Free Classified Ads and Classified Ads". Then go to the ads where people are advertising for folks to join their business. The odds are that they are part of the 97% failing! Send them an email that says:

Dear ______,

I am responding to your ad I saw online. While it looks interesting I believe I have something you will be eager to know about as an additional stream of income. The best thing is that it's completely FREE. It's called My Power Mall!

* Receive a FREE online Shopping Mall with 1000+ stores!

* There is nothing to sell you simply shop in your own Mall with millions of products!

* There is no qualifying for your income there are no games to play!

* All Business Tools are FREE!

* You can generate Unlimited Income!

No matter what you're currently doing, My Power Mall can be a part of your strategy to gain financial freedom. You can check it out at:

I am here to help you in anyway I can. Have a wonderful day!

(Your name)
(Your email)
(Your phone#) If you can't afford to make calls, then just leave this off and use your email.


5 - Send invitations to website owners

We love this because if you can wrap your brain around what we're about to share you will NEVER run out of people to share My Power Mall with. What if you were to write letters to the owners of websites?

For example go to your favorite search engine and search for "Working From Home". You'll come up with 798,000,000 search results! Start from the back. Start from the middle. Just start somewhere and contact the owners of these websites by going to their Contact Us Page. If you're not a writer, send them an email with a banner. Copy one of the Invitation cards and put it in an email. Use one of the Email Campaign letters. Then start sending them out, telling them you visited their website and think they should see My Power Mall. You could end up with an individual or with an online business with existing massive resources to build My Power Mall right under you!

You don't have to have a penny to be able to do this just persistence and a will to succeed!

More Search ideas:

Women Business Owners8,650,000
Teen Entrepreneur 946,000
Save Money 202,000,000
College Networks 64,400,000
Stay at Home moms 7,940,000

Come up with your own ideas the possibilities are limitless!


Here's a sample email you can send (feel free to alter it in any way):

Hello __________,

I just explored your website and want to give you kudos on a job well done! It's obvious you are committed to creating financial freedom by using the Internet as a tool. I'm sending you this email because I believe I have an exciting way for you to increase your income and create an additional stream of income by taking advantage of My Power Mall.

My Power Mall is a free online Shopping Mall with 1000+ of America's leading retail stores. It's FREE, there is nothing to sell, there is no qualifying for your income, and all the business tools are free from classified ads to banners, in addition to a complete email campaign. It would take you just minutes to integrate it in with your existing website and generate unlimited income all from giving people their very own online Shopping Mall for free!

Check it out by watching the video at I will work closely with you to assure your success, though the system is so simple you probably won't need me!

Have a great day!

(Your Name)
(Your Email)
(Your Phone)

Contact Ezine owners

An Ezine is nothing more than a magazine online, and they support themselves by selling advertising. Since you're broke you're not going to buy advertising but there is still a way to approach them. Try the following email:

Hello _______,

I have checked out your advertising but I think what I have to share with you is much more valuable than me just buying an Ad. We have many Ezine owners who are becoming members of My Power Mall receiving their own FREE online Mall with 1000+ stores - themselves and then promoting it to their readership. My Power Mall is completely FREE, there is nothing to sell, no qualifying for your income, and all the tools are free! Instead of making a mere _____ (cost of ad) from me you could be generating unlimited income. If only 1% of your readership took you up on getting their own Free Online Mall with 1000+ stores, your income would be astounding. That's why so many Ezine owners are choosing to get their own.

Check it out by watching the video at I'll work closely with you to assure your success though you'll find the system so simple you probably won't need me!

Have a great day!

(Your Name)
(Your email)


What kind of ezine can you approach? The better question is who can't you approach? Doesn't everyone shop? Doesn't everyone have everyday needs and wants? Doesn't everyone have a desire for greater financial freedom? There is no limit.

If you're creative and willing to think Outside the Box¯ there is no limit to the approaches you can take in contacting people. Via email, it won't cost you a penny. How many emails can you send daily? 50? 100? How badly do you want Financial Freedom? Even if you're a single Mom with 5 kids, you can find time to send even 2-3 emails. Added up on a daily basis you will send hundreds giving you a chance to create financial freedom.

Weave provided you with the FREE Mall and all the tools you need. Now it's up to you to actually use them.

7 Focus on finding people with money to spend

This one is really important. While we want you to share My Power Mall with everyone you know giving them a chance for success as well you want to put your focus (at least in the beginning) on people who have money to spend. You can only make money when people SHOP. If you build your team with only people who are in the same financial straits you are, you will have a large team, but you won't make any money!

If you think you can't communicate with people who have a lot of money until you have a lot of your own I want you to RUN to your local video store and get the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, starring Will Smith. It's a true story about a man who beat the odds earning a place in a Wall Street investment firm while he was living in a Homeless Shelter. Whatever your current condition, you CAN change it! Set a night aside and watch this movie alone, with your partner, or with your kids. It will be powerful for all of you!

8 Local college campus

The 18-24 age group consists of some of the biggest online spenders. They grew up on the Internet and do almost everything online. Find them! Hand out Invitation cards. Print up some flyers all in black & white if you can't afford color. Call around till you find one of the places that will print them for 3 cents apiece, or do them on your own printer.

Put up flyer's around campus. Leave them in bathrooms. Again, be creative.

These are just a few ideas of ways to promote My Power Mall with limited resources. Think out of the box and remember everyone you meet could benefit from My Power Mall.

As I said this was originally produced for 'MyPowerMall' but can and has been utilized by many other businesses.



Bee-Healthy, Bee-Wealthy, Bee-Happy, Bee-Free, Bee-Come Whatever It Is You Desire........
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PostSubject: Re: Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........   Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:10 pm

Thanks are bbbuuuzzzziiiinnnggg bbbbbeeee

I am very sure these emails can be reworded to suit the forum.
Thanks for sharing them with us

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PostSubject: Re: Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........   Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:16 am

Just Buzzzzzzing in to say

Hi Sammy

Your most welcome, anything us Beeeeees can do to help with we will. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........   

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Free Advertising Methods That Actually Do Work.........
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