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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   FORUM RULES Icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2007 6:28 pm

Team Builder Forum Rules: To protect the integrity
of the forum and the rights of each individual member
we ask that you adhere to the following rules.

You can post a maximum of 2 suggested team builds.

Only generic company links are allowed in the suggest
a company section and no links, personal or generic, are
allowed in the welcome section.

2 personal links or 1 banner in the signature line are allowed

To promote the Team Concept: No company will be considered
for a Team Build unless the member has joined the current or
any previous Team Build.

When a company is chosen for a Team Build the referral link will
be requested by administration and posted.

Members who join the current team build will be allowed to have
their program with personal referral link added as a locked thread.

To add further information to said locked thread, member must
contact a moderator or administration.

Networking and advertising/promoting sections: only links for
sites related to these categories are allowed. Unrelated links
will be removed.

Links to other forums must be approved by administration.
No exceptions!

Member who spams the forum will be removed after one warning.
No exceptions!

F5M links are not allowed anywhere in the forum, not even in profiles.
Only F5M links given out by administration are allowed.

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