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 Social Networking part Two

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PostSubject: Social Networking part Two   Social Networking part Two Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 11:12 pm

The Internet has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, especially in the last 5 years the way marketers market. We have seen the changes go by from email marketing to viral marketing to traffic exchanges and now finally Social Networking.

Network Marketing was started years ago for a reason:

It was meant to bring multitudes of members together to get the word around about the companies products or services and they used the members to do that through word of mouth.

This was also done through meetings io the living rooms or many, meetings at the local diner or coffee shop and finally through large gatherings in conference centers etc

Everyone would gather and introduce their guests, sit through an hour and a half of presentations, product announcements and testimonials to finally end with coffee and donuts where you would introduce your guest to top performers in the industry or even the president of the company.

Once all that was done, the majority of the guests would then signup into the program and the build began.

Gee, sound familiar, it is Social Networking!

Then the Internet came

Companies in their wisdom said "You no longer have to go to meetings, just pay your entrance fee and we'll give you a website. Then everyone around the world will come and join you".

This is why "OLD SCHOOL" Network marketing is coming back, it's not new but they call it "SOCIAL NETWORKING".

Why is it so popular?

it puts the "Trust" back in business.

People now will take the time to look at opportunities as long as they can talk to ownership, upline and downline members.

members feel a lot more comfortable when they have someone real to talk to and can get support when they need it.

All the tools have been at the fingertips of marketers for the last 5 years but they just never bothered to use them effectively.

Tools like:

VoIP for phone communication and online conference rooms for gatherings of members.

Blogs came out a few years ago and those were not used effectively but now Social Networks have come along.

Let's look at what we have to work with:

online communities
online forums
online blogs
Now all of these are now put together in one place, a Social Network.

So what we do now is join these Social Networks and put in all our details such as:

Your Profile which consists of your Name, email, description of who you are and what you do
Your own Blog
Your own forum
This is a best way to develop relationships and business contacts. Now for something explosive.

Want to know how to explode your business? I thought so!

Here is what you do:

Join as many Social Networks as you can that are related to your business. Join all the general ones for sure and then topic related ones, here is a list to start with:

Name Description/Focus
43 Things... Tagging
Advogato... Free Software and Open Source developers
Amina .... Chechen Republic Online Chechens
aNobii.... Online Book Community
Bebo..... Schools and colleges
bizzyblogz African-Americans
Blue Dot... Link sharing
Bolt General..... (music and video) Video sharing and webcam chat
CarDomain.... Car enthusiasts
Care2 Green.... living and activism
Centralvibes School, college, work and the military
Club TPI
Couchsurfing..... "Couchsurfing"
Custom T-shirts
Dandelife..... Collective narratives or "shared biographies"
directmatches Mobile location-based service, owned by Google
DontStayIn Clubbing..... (primarily UK)
Ecademy... Business
Facebook.... College/High School students and General
Faceparty.... British teens and 20-somethings
Flickr..... Photo sharing
Flirtomatic.... Flirting/Dating
Fotki.... Photo sharing
Friends Reunited..... School, college, work, sport and streets
Friendster.... General
Frühstückstreff.... General
Gaia..... Online Anime and Games Families, genealogy
GoPets ....Virtual pets School, college, and work
Hi5.... General
Hyves..... General Dutch social networking website.
imeem... Instant messaging
Infield Parking..... United States NASCAR fans
IRC....Galleria Finland
Joga Bonito.... Football (soccer)
Kanggie Music
LibraryThing.... Book lovers
LinkedIn... Business
LiveJournal... Blogging
LunarStorm... Sweden
MEETin.... General General
MOG Music
Multiply..... "Real world" relationships
My Opera Community General.... (blogs, photo albums, forums, groups, etc.)
MySpace... General
myYearbook... General
Netlog European young adults.... (14-24). Formerly known as Facebox.
Nexopia.... Canada
orkut.... Owned by Google
Passado.... General
Playahead... Swedish teenagers
RateItAll.... Consumer ratings + social networking Locating friends and family, keeping in touch
Ryze.... Business
Shelfari..... Online community for book lovers
Soundpedia.... Web 2.0 based music community
Sportsvite... Recreational Sports
Studivz..... University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries
Stumbleupon... Websurfing
TagWorld General..... (tagging)
TakingIT.....Global Social action
The Student Center.... Teens and colleges
Threadless Travel
Travellerspoint.... Travel General
Twitter.... Update friends with your status through SMS, IM, web interfaces
Vampire.... Freaks Gothic industrial culture
Vox... Blogging
WAYN... Travel & Lifestyle
WebBiographies.... Genealogy & Biography
Windows Live... Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces)
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas
XING Business
Xuqa Colleges
Yahoo! 360°..... Linked to Yahoo! IDs
Yelp.... United States adults
Zaadz..... Social consciousness
Zooomr....... Universal Photo Sharing

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PostSubject: Re: To Social Networking part two   Social Networking part Two Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 12:46 am

Hi Sammy,

WOW! you just don't relise there is so many social networks that are out there. I only just knew a few, but that has shocked me lol!
Well I hope all the members here will take note of this, because with out being a member to any of these social networking sites you will not build your business or downline, trust me because I have only just started getting sign ups for my business now.

Anyway Take Care,
Catherine. flower
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Team Builder

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PostSubject: Re: Social Networking part Two   Social Networking part Two Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 1:23 am

Network Marketing has done a full circle back to
it's what it was intended to be.

Meeting people, building trust and creating
long lasting friendships and wealth together.

It sounds like Team Builder!!

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PostSubject: Re: Social Networking part Two   Social Networking part Two Icon_minitime

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Social Networking part Two
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