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 Social Networking part one

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PostSubject: Social Networking part one   Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:06 pm

You need to do the following in all the Social Networks:

Setup the same profile in each Social Network

Setup the same content about your business

Your profile should consist of:

Your real picture
Your Real Name
Your email address
Your Phone number
A brief description of who you are and what your experiences have been. Tell the truth!
The link to your own social network

Your Business description should be something like this:


I am a Professional Online Marketer with over 25 years network marketing experience. I have been down the battered paths and walked the golden roads.

I am a mentor, trainer, husband, father and now a grandfather. My goal is to enjoy life to the fullest and spending time watching my family grow. This is the goal of many if not all of us and each and everyone should achieve it as long as they have the right system in place.

Our Team consists of seasoned marketers, average marketers and newbies. We have had much success together and now we are going to share our success with you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Our mission is to create Team Building environment for our members. Build trusting relationships and grow financially together with long term residual incomes.

The Home Based Times specializes in providing information to the home based business arena as well as top notch LIVE training on how to build your business.

We would like to invite you to visit us in our own private Live Online Conference Center.

We have embarked on what I call "The Hidden Gem" on the internet. It is the perfect feeder program for any business. It is called Fortune5Minutes!

One Time $25.00 US Pays Your Entry Into 4 Different Payment Structures Paying out $100's Daily.

Come join our Team:

Please follow the link below to come in and meet us to see just what The Home Based Times Team is all about. - Home Based Times

I Look forward to hearing from you,

Carl Haavaldsen
Home Based Times
Skype: rmcglobal


Then what you want to do is start a forum or blog about working together.

"Very Important", this forum or blog must be connected to all of the Social Networks you join.

This is what is going to start the viral effect and believe me, viral effect with real people is a 1000 times better than viral traffic exchanges. You will also get them to download Skype or some kind of VoIP that everyone can use in your group for FREE if possible as this is the easiest way to communicate,

You will create different members in all your networks and eventually they will all cross sign across your networks bringing their friends list in as well. This is what will be the viral effect.

Here is an example of what you can post:


Would everyone be interested in working together?


The Home Based Times have come together on a new explosive venture, Fortune5Minutes. I am pleased to inform you that this program, a multi-matrix style opportunity, has been launched by a 10 year old company run by Rick Matthews. This program is 100% legal and has been successfully paying daily and on time since it started in February 2007, so has stood the test of time. It requires only a one time payment of only $25.00 US.

Our team has brought over 4,400 enrollees into our previous program in 9 months and 3,500 into a more recent program in 4 months. We are now advertising massively with our one of a kind, new bullet proof marketing system. This new program will act as our feeder program for any business venture we as a team want to embark on or you as a business owner want to use to introduce people to other programs you are in.

We can turn this system in a flash to any business venture without losing a beat. Having been in this program only 15 days and currently with a total of over 300 members in our team, we are going to rock the net with our supreme marketing system.

If you are interested in joining our very powerful team, please use this team rotator:

Please note: When you complete the enrollment process, go to Password Recovery to be emailed a user id and password.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Your Name

I have placed forum posts and blogs with that very same post and created over 4400 signups in 7 months. Everyone is interested in working together, no one wants to do this alone.

Once you start to get responses, show them how to do the very same thing with the social networks and next thing you know, you have a viral Social Networking group created and they are all promoting the same business together.

Now you can start to see the power of Social Networking. Too many people just pass them by as they think all social networks are business opportunities. They are gathering places for the internet wounded and for those just starting out looking to get involved at making money on the internet.

Other great places to advertise are Forums. there are literally 1000's of forums on the Internet covering every category for every opportunity available. Most forums will allow you to post an ad in a certain area. Please DO NOT SPAM them. This only hurts your reputation and your business.

Now this is the power of working Social Networks:

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PostSubject: Re: Social Networking part one   Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:41 am

Hi Sammy,

Thank-you for letting us know how to do the right thing.

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Social Networking part one
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