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 Just Launched!

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PostSubject: Just Launched!   Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:01 pm

Not Tracking? You're Stealing from Yourself!
By Dan Moses and Mark Brown (ProTrackerPlus)

Almost like wearing blinders that you don't know you've
been given.

"Hey guys, can you say that in English, I don't get it."

Lack of profits.

Lack of understanding.

Lack of time.

A big pain for your business.

Folks complain about stuff like that all the time, right?

Of course they do (All the time).

We've been there, heck - we were there for a combination of
4 years.

We know all about it.

Let me wack your wig and bring you back to reality.

Open your eyes.

Here's the point.

Here's where we get serious.

Being a business owner is like being a fisherman.

The fisherman is holding his rod and reel tight with both hands
and is watching the water for the first sign of a bite from a fish.

If he fishes in the right lake, pond, stream, or ocean he may
catch enough fish for a huge banquet.

If he fishes with the right bait he'll catch many, many fish
and feed many, many people and they'll shower him with 'green
pieces of paper' (money).

Incredible, huh?

Nope, remember all he has to do is toss his line in the water
and catch his fish.

Oh no.

No. No. No.

The fisherman CAN'T see the fish.

If you were standing next to him, you'd hear him complaining
about not enough money to buy bait, the water's not good, and
the weather needs to turn around.

**He's actually been given everything he needs (the bait) to
CREATE what he's been promised. (Financial Harvest)**

But he can't SEE IT.

He's wearing blinders and he's not aware of it.

So what happens?

He complains he's frustrated; he considers quitting and
finally does.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because MILLIONS of people (maybe you) are fishing with the
wrong bait, but they can't see it.

If you'd -open your eyes- and look under the surface of the
water (where the action of your business takes place), your
life would change in 5 minutes and your income would soar
in due time.

"Guys, I don't understand, what bait should I use?"

Great question.

Your BAIT is tracking anything that can improve your businesses
bottom line.

Your Website, Your Ad-copy, Your Thank-You Pages, Your Lead
Capture/Splash Pages, Incoming Traffic, Conversion Ratios,
Your Time Spent In Your Business VS. On Your Business (smile)
<<< this is all bait.

Look around. Every MILLIONAIRE tracks their success and failure
(so does the fisherman) Stop hoarding your bait and start
casting your line into more profitable lakes, ponds, streams,
and oceans.

"But Guys, I don't know anything. How do I become a better

Stop stealing from yourself.

Step 1) Inventory your bait (Your Websites)

Step 2) Cast them into the water (The World Wide Web)

Step 3) Start measuring your results (Join ProTrackerPlus)

Step 4) Learn how to fish like a Pro (Join ProTrackerPlus)

Life works outflow into inflow.

You have to give before you get.

Did You know that?

When you don't share what you have (solution), you STEAL
from other people (they can't solve their problem.)

Stop robbing people of your gifts and stop stealing from

Dan and Mark are Your Tracking Tutors…Learn advanced tracking
tactics from ProTrackerPlus. Hear us, see us, watch yourself
profit. Join Free here…

From Catherine V.
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Just Launched!
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