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 Being lucky or unlucky: It is your choice!!!

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PostSubject: Being lucky or unlucky: It is your choice!!!   Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:56 pm

Opportunity Wears a Fake Nose & a Mustache

Why are people lucky? How does luck happen?

Can a cause be pinpointed?

What makes lucky people different from unlucky people?

Rabbit’s Foot, Anyone?

I have talked to a lot of people, those who considered themselves lucky and those who did not.

I found out what had happened in their lives, and I listed their incidents of luck.

And then looked at differences & similarities of the people I’d interviewed,
and I came to a conclusion.

My conclusion was a revelation to me. Luck is NOT random.

It’s the result of what I call the spider web effect.

People who build webs tend to be lucky.

People who don’t build webs tend not to be lucky.

In other words … the more contacts you make in life … the more relationships you build … the fewer bridges you burn … the greater the universe of people who have strong positive feeling for you … the more people you reach out to help … the more likely you are to be lucky.

This was fascinating.

The biggest conclusion for me was:

you are in control of your own luck

How To Catch Flies

Isn’t that amazing? To be lucky, just put out thin lines and thick lines … to people here, there and everywhere.

Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

The more contacts you have, the more likely you’ll be in the right place at the right time.

In other words, when one of your contacts runs into a huge opportunity that would be perfect for you, chances are good they’ll call YOU.

But if you never make that contact, you’ll never hear about the opportunity.

And if you don’t make spider webbing a systematic lifetime habit, chances are you’ll be one of those people who suffers a lifetime of bad luck.

So build your web continuously, and you greatly increase your chance of being in the path when good things happen.

There’s an old saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” It’s true. Especially if you work at building relationships.

Anthony Allen.
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Being lucky or unlucky: It is your choice!!!
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