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 Key traits for success

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PostSubject: Key traits for success   Key traits for success Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2007 7:17 pm

There are some critical or key traits that will help anyone
be successful.

For the most part, successful people in general and specially
entrepreneurs share these traits.

Self-assurance. They believe in what they are doing. To succeed
you must believe you can achieve your goals. There is no I'll give
it a try mentality ....They have an I'm going to do it mind set and

That's why I call the word "Try" a four letter word! It gives you an
easy way out! It gives you a sense of accomplishment without
actually accomplishing anything. "I gave it a try"....goal completed.
Your must believe you can achieve your goal or goals.

Determination - I you have ever been told that success online is
easy , you have been told the biggest lie perpetuated across the
Internet. There is no easy road to success online...just as there is
no easy road offline.

Being successful requires constant and steadfast determination.
There will always be ups and downs in any worthy endeavor. You
have to take the time to learn, specially if you are new, then you
must put what you have learned in to action.

If your marketing or promoting method isn't producing results. Use
a different method until you find one that works.

Persistence and tenacity will always win over procrastination.

Short-term and long-term objectives - Setting specific goals
is essential. If you want to make let's say $1000 per month...break
it down to let's say...first break-even.....then $300 per month by
such and such a date. Get what I'm saying? Setting broad goals
sets you up for frustration and disappointment.....resulting in you

Setting goals is like having a user manual or map to follow. It will
get you where you want be much easier.

Team. To the list I would add being part of a team. Even individuals
that have come up with great ideas, technological or whatever...had
to put a team together to bring it to fruition. So I recommend either to
form a team or join a team that has goals common with your goal or

I have been part of teams in the past that were a team by name alone.
It was more of a every man or woman for himself or herself. At Team
Builder I have found a Team that has goals that compliment my own.
The Success of the Team and of Each Individual in the team. They
do what they Say! I you may...they walk the Talk!

Perhaps it sounds corny or whatever but I believe in these
words....Getting Rich Is A Team Sport.
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Key traits for success
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