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PostSubject: Business Staging:   Sat Sep 08, 2007 9:54 pm

What do you do in your business - How is it set up - what makes it work?
Is there special people or special circumstances that cause things to work?

Many times we are trying to set up businesses and we fail because we
do not do something that makes the business run on its own.

Have you ever seen a Windmill? You may know that the wind will power
the sail and the turning sail will cause the wheels to spin. DO YOU KNOW
YOU NEED A "FLYWHEEL". A special wheel that concentrate the power
from the wind so that the work of the wind mill will not stop because
you are using power.

In business, there is many things that concentrate the power of business.
These things are over looked by people as un-necessary frills. Then they
wonder why they do not do as well as the other people.

How come "Jeno Hot DOGS" the sponsor of the little league team makes
enough to sponsor our little towns baseball teem - when McDonalds
who are open twice as often gets a new manager every other month?
The answer is, "Every one who go to the baseball game, buys hot dogs
at Jeno's even when there is no game". McDonals only get visitors
coming through town or one meal per day. Our town members run into
Jeno's just to buy a soda or water. When the team plays a home game,
Jeno gives all the team members two hots dogs and a soda free.
The fans are offered the same on a by one get one free. Those who
don't understand think I am saying advertise or take all the business.
What I am saying is buying "Goodwill" will lead to success.

Hewitt Malone
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Business Staging:
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