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  Go back to the end of the 80s

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 Go back to the end of the 80s Empty
PostSubject: Go back to the end of the 80s    Go back to the end of the 80s Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 10:31 am

At that time, the Press was clamouring for Bobby Robson to be sacked, and those of you who want Capello replaced would have been saying exactly the same.

Back then, we thought England would win Euro '88, and look what happened. We qualified for the 1990 World Cup after an outstanding display in Poland by Shilton which kept the game scoreless, and let's be honest, we were lucky to get to the semis, when suddenly we played very well, but lost on penalties. Suddenly, Robson was a hero, not that I minded after the appalling treatment which the Press had dished out.

The quantity and quality of English players has dwindled since then, and now it is almost to a trickle. Face it, if we had such a wide pool of talent, why was a non-Premier League player picked this week? Yes I know it was a second string team, but if these are the type of players we are looking to after the first choice, we are in trouble, and all the rants calling for the manager's head won't change that.

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Go back to the end of the 80s
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