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 Unlimited Width - Unlimited Depth - 3x4 Forced Matrix!

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TriUnity Diamond Team

TriUnity Diamond Team

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PostSubject: Unlimited Width - Unlimited Depth - 3x4 Forced Matrix!   Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:27 pm

Outstanding product! Outstanding Opportunity! Outstanding Tools!

There's NO competition for this program!

TriUnity has put together the most Unique, Simple, and yet, Powerful Compensation Plan ever developed. The goal in developing our plan was to have the lowest qualifier in the Industry while paying out the most money!
No business centers to buy to qualify for earnings
No complicated plans to explain
No worry about balancing right and left legs to qualify for earnings
No sponsoring requirements to qualify for earnings

TriUnity's plan offers a true Unlimited Income opportunity that is unequaled, with TEN Streams Of Income!

Income Stream #1 — Earn 60% on all your Personal Customers
Income Stream #2 — Weekly Fast Start Bonuses
Income Stream #3 — 3 X 4 Forced Filled Matrix
Income Stream #4 — Matching Bonuses 40% On All Of Your Personally Sponsored
Income Stream #5 — Matching Bonuses 40% For ALL of Your 4th Level people
Income Stream #6 — Company Profit Sharing Pools
Income Stream #7 — Up to 3% Infinity Bonuses
Income Stream #8 — Organizational Bonus
Income Stream #9 — Coding Bonuses & Commissions On Cases Of Product
Income Stream #10 - (Retail) Up to 150% Profit
Tri Unity has a Forced Filled 3 X 4 Expandable Matrix.
It Pays To Be Platinum - Highest Commissions Earned (4 products monthly)
You can earn up to 40% Monthly Matching Bonus of the entire 3 X 4 Matrix from each and every person that you sponsor. Unlimited.

You can earn up to 40% Monthly Matching Bonuses from each and every person on your 4th Level, no matter who sponsors them! Unlimited.

Acai Plus™ A combination of the acai berry, the mangosteen fruit, the goji berry and over 100 other nutritional ingredients in one bottle.

Feed My Brain™ A supplement that addressess the IQ needs of children and adults alike.

White Lightning Energy Drink™ The "Healthy energy drink" contain the Acai berry & Graviola fruit. Incredible product.

Clear Heart™ A brand new oral chelation product designed to reduce plaque in hearts and arteries! "Imagine clearing out 20-30 years of plaque from hearts and arteries"
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Unlimited Width - Unlimited Depth - 3x4 Forced Matrix!
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