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 Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!

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PostSubject: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Sun May 18, 2008 3:42 am

This Is The Most Exciting Team Building System Ever To Hit The Internet!


An unselfish system that always drives help where it’s most needed...
Right at the newest members on our team...

There is no cost to be pre-placed and you will be
able to check out our primary company when they
launch at NO Cost as well, before ever making a
decision to Join as a member. You have nothing
to lose but a pre-built downline. Our team won’t
stop advertising YOUR signup link until you have
4 personal referrals at no cost.

See how we force you into 4 monthly bonus pools here!

Whatever you do watch the video inside your backoffice.


PS When you sign up there will be a test
message in the edit profile area so you can
test your email address. My yahoo doesn't
work so I changed it to my gmail which
they recommend and it works.

Also save the Thank you for joining page
information when the signup process is
over just in case the confirmation email
does not arrive at your email address you
signed up with so you can login to change
your email if need be.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Wed May 21, 2008 4:30 pm

Latest Member Update

Please log in and check this page often as this is
where you will find the latest and important
information regarding Unselfish Wealth.

Launch time is approaching fast so PLEASE
keep an eye on your email for Important
instructions when the big day comes.

We will notify everyone when the company
launches and then you will need to continue
to log into your back office to see if the join
link is being displayed from your upline.

As soon as the link appears follow it to the
main company website.
Join and then come back and put your link in
your back office so those people below you
can see your link and do the same.

Everyone needs to be on alert so we can
get through this process in a timely manner.

Thank You UW Staff

New video in backoffice that explains how the personals
that you receive (this is NOT spillover, you receive personals
from all of the company and members within the entire
matrix) will generate fast start bonuses down 4 levels,
bonus pools 4 levels and matching matrix bonuses 4
levels. When you see someone come into your
matrix from your efforts or anyone else in the entire
company matrix it's YOURS as if you sponsored that
person and you receive all the bonuses from that person
has their matrix begins to fill. What I mean is when
you sign up from the link above you will go into someone's
matrix and that person will get all the benefits as
if that person sponsored you on their own. I wish it
was me, but what the hell you might fall into my downline
I have 15 already in 4 days and have only put this
on a few forums that I never go to. This is new and if you know
where to advertise you are going to make a killing!
It's time to come aboard and see for yourself what
this is all about and be apart of something that is
finally going to change your life. Hurry because
the launch of the primary company is coming soon.

Just got 2 more since I posted.

Got another one don't know where
they are coming from but I don't
care because they are mine now.

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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Tue May 27, 2008 5:31 pm

Has anyone here join this great team. I've
gotten 24 members in my downline in 10 days.

Received 4 today so far!! These are personals
NOT SPILLOVER. They come from Unselfish
Wealth Building Team, all the way from the
top and in between all designed to get
everyone their 4 personals. They are going
into their main program this week and it
doesn't matter when you come in because
it forces all the traffic down so you can
get your 4 personals.

To make this clear let's say someone in
New Zealand has his 4 personals on his first level
and he brings in someone thur his link (or anyone
above him) and that person lands in you downline because
the system redirected that person to your matrix.
That person belongs to you as though you signed that
person yourself and you get all the benefits
associated with that person

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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Wed May 28, 2008 3:15 pm


Hello UW Team,

We are absolutely driving the so called Big Marketers crazy.
They just can’t figure out why we are growing as fast as we are.

I am going to let you in a little secret that most of the Big Guns have forgotten.

People like to be helped and when they find that even a little effort in our system goes a long way, they get really excited.

By giving personals to team mates below who will then benefit from immediate fast start bonuses…
By helping others to benefit from matching matrix income…
By helping them qualify for the bonus pools…

That is what excites our Unselfish Wealth Team Members!!!

The UW system takes everything you’ve experienced in network marketing and flips it upside down…
And you know what? It works better our way!
THIS is the way network marketing was intended to work…for everyone, not just the privileged few…
We’re taking the industry back from those who want all the success for themselves!

We are laying the groundwork for long term sustainable income for everyone on this team.

Together we’re doing things in a different way, a better way…
An Unselfish way…one that can literally force our members to succeed.
We’ll stay in close touch as the company moves from prelaunch into full launch mode, and that can occur at any time so just keep doing what you’re doing…
Tell your friends and business associates about this revolutionary “unselfish” system, keep referring others and giving away personals to those in your part of the team…
And when the company goes live, we’ll already be in “action mode” and moving forward at warp speed toward our goals!
Have an excellent evening and we’ll talk again soon!
Check your back office for downline updates, team updates, and to listen to last night’s team conference call.

Your Unselfish Wealth Partners
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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Thu May 29, 2008 8:48 pm


Hello Everyone

An update for you this morning to let you know where things stand with the launch of the company.

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for your patience while we all wait for the “go” signal.

Everyone is very excited and we can’t wait to officially get things off the ground, especially since we’ve had such an outstanding pre-build this past couple weeks.

The good news for you is that the company owner sincerely cares very much about creating a good experience for those who are about to join and profit from this new venture.

He is literally doing everything in his power to assure everyone a smooth experience during what we all know will be a very heavy stress test on a brand new website and payment system.

Please remember if there happens to be any technical issue when the company launches that your position in our team is completely secure and nobody can pass you.

We don’t want to give you any more specific days or times that we learn “should be” when we go live because we understand that multiple false starts are very frustrating…

So this will be our ongoing status regarding the company launch:

Please simply check your email account and login to your Unselfish Wealth member area on a regular basis to assure that you see our launch announcement as early as possible.

Once this happens, you’ll watch your back office for the signal that “It’s Your Turn” to join the company.

We will also suggest that immediately after you take action to join the company, you should contact any personal referrals and indirect referrals in your back office to have them start checking their back office since their turn is at hand (or will be very soon after your enrollment).

If everyone takes this one additional step to communicate with their members, it will greatly enhance the efficiency of our team import into the company and things will move much quicker for everyone on the team.

We also want to mention an additional point for those newer members of our team who do not yet have 4 personal referrals below their position and may be wondering if our system will really work for them. Those who this applies to may be wondering if they should go ahead and join the company when their turn comes.

We understand those who are newer and have not yet seen the benefit of our system may wonder “will this really work for me?”

Realize that while our results to date have far outpaced our expectations, the majority of our system hasn’t even begun to take action yet!

Once the company goes live, we will import into our positions as a team and compress out those who either don’t understand the benefit of our system or who’ve become distracted by the latest deal on the net…

THAT’s when you’ll begin to get very excited, and here’s why:

We now have hundreds of members who already have their 4 personal referrals…

Once launch occurs, 100% of the weekly advertising from those members will be pointed at the sign up links of those who do not yet have 4 personals, including our newer members…

We also have a few pretty talented large scale marketers who always wait for the early glitches and false starts to end before promoting to their large lists of loyal followers…

All those new enrollments are going to occur under our existing newer members who do not yet have 4 personals…

And finally, our team advertising co-op will engage after launch.

This is going to be a very powerful advertising campaign that literally never ends.

With each member contributing a completely affordable $5 a month to our team advertising budget, we will be able to purchase larger and larger amounts of the highest quality advertising…online AND off line!

And 100% of that advertising will do just one thing…

Drive traffic and sign ups to the newer members of our team who don’t yet have 4 personal referrals…

So if you happen to be new to our team and wonder if you should go ahead and join the company with us even though you may not have yet seen the benefit of our system…

We’d strongly encourage you not to make the mistake of thinking that the Unselfish Wealth System won’t work just because you haven’t seen it yet.

Frankly, the vast majority of what we will be doing as a team to build below our members hasn’t even started yet…and we are already being noticed on the internet even before the main company has opened its doors!

Thanks again to everyone for your patience as we wait for the doors to be opened on this fantastic opportunity.

You can feel confident that we are “on watch” and will begin filtering the sign up links down through our entire team the moment the company goes live.

Keep promoting your Unselfish Wealth websites out there…no sense in slowing down just to watch for a launch announcement, right?

UW Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:26 pm

My downline in only 19 days. I'm on the 1st level on one of at least 2 heavy hitters in my upline.
New Incredilble Software Automatically Give All 4 Referral's Each = Wealth For All Finally!
You'll Profit from the BIGGEST and FASTEST Growing Economy In The world!

Ask me for my link and watch the 2 short videos and listen to the 3 recorded phone conferences and you will see what all the excitement is about. You want regret it. Join for free and see!

Downline Totals:
Currently reporting downline

Your 1st Level:

4 members

Your 2nd Level:

16 members

Your 3rd Level:

7 members

Your 4th Level:

12 members

Your 5th Level:

4 members

Your 6th Level:

11 members

As you can see Unselfish Wealth is a true


PS Another satisfied member after hearing the recorded
phone conference with the owner of Travelencia the
company we are going to join.

From Jennie:

I’ve been in team builds before, but nothing even comes near this. It’s a system that works smoothly to place people where they need to be - no messing around asking people to join under this link or that link! I can hardly believe that I have 111 downline on 5 levels in about 13 days! And I can’t wait to learn more about Travelencia - I’ve dreamed about traveling since I was a kid, so this is the perfect business for me! Actually, I’ve been in two travel businesses already but failed, but then I didn’t have a team behind me ensuring my success! I’m excited!!

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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:15 pm

No rotators, no NIL team builds, our software automatically reassigns traffic and signups to newer members who don't yet have their 4 personal referrals. All our members do is promote their "Unselfish Wealth" website and the system does the rest of the work.

As more and more people have 4 personals, it means that more and more people are advertising to drive traffic and signups to members below their position as personal referrals!

Essentially, what we are creating is a larger and larger team who are simply driving traffic and signups AS PERSONALS to the newer members of the team who do not yet have 4 personals.

All our members will also contribute just $5 a month to the team advertising co-op, and all that money buys more high profile advertising to drive larger amounts of traffic and higher numbers of signups to the newer members who don't yet have their 4 personals.

Those newer members get the fast start money...they get the matching matrix money when the team fills in under that signup...and the most important thing is...

Those newer members are being forced into the 4 company bonus pools, usually reserved just for the top producers!

How does it do this? Simple!

You qualify for the first company bonus pool in one of two ways:

1. Sponsor 20 people

2. Sponsor 4 who each sponsor 4 others

You qualify for the 2nd company bonus pool in one of two ways:

1. Sponsor 100 personal referrals

2. Sponsor 4 who refer 4 each, and those 4 also refer 4!

Which way looks more "doable" to you...sponsoring a ton of people or using our team building system that automatically and painlessly builds you to the bonus pools by simply "GIVING AWAY" personal referrals to the newer members.

This forces our members into the bonus pools while at the same time greatly helping our newer members by putting more income in their pockets in the early days. Our members actually earn some meaningful income in their early days rather than the tiny crumbs most see through spillover.

We already have testimonials from some members who've had members assigned to them as personal referrals and from other members who are having outstanding results in promoting our system and finding it very easy to attract others to join by promoting a system that GIVES AWAY personal referrals.

All our system does is focus on building 4 personals under 4 personals and so on all the way through the team.

By following this building strategy, nobody has to enroll a ton of people to get to the bonus pools and we can literally force our members into each of the pools through this method.

By building our members straight into the bonus pools, the rest of the comp plan is automatically being built as a result!

Keep your eyes peeled on this thread...more details going forward!

Join us today! Ask me for my link.

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PostSubject: Re: Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!   

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Our Unselfish System GIVES AWAY Personal Referrals!
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