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PostSubject: Mastermind Alliance   Mastermind Alliance Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 3:45 pm

Mastermind Group is an alliance of two or more people (minds)
working together toward a common goal or objective.

This principle, formally introduced in the early 1900 by Napoleon
Hill the author of "Think and Grow Rich", was put into practice
in 1727 by Ben Franklin when he created the Junto.

The Junto purpose was to bring together the minds of a diverse
group of individuals from different backgrounds who shared the
desire to improve themselves and to help others. The Junto provided
its members a place to air their opinions and get feedback on them.

When there is a group of minds (Mastermind) coordinated in
a spirit of harmony it will provide more thought than a single mind,
just as a group of computers connected together can produce a
super computer.

In a Mastermind alliance all experiences and strengths are
coordinated and channeled toward accomplishing one common

Mastermind groups brainstorm and inspire group members to a level
of accomplishment they could never probably ever achieve individually.

Since so most people don't use this principle in building their business,
those who use it have a tremendous advantage by using this simple

Just imagine what can be accomplished by such an alliance. Using
a mastermind alliance a team can create something larger than
any one of them could alone.

A Mastermind alliance can be created for accomplishing any
objective, personal mastermind groups, business mastermind
groups. and social mastermind groups.

How to improve your community.
Self improvement.
Empowering women in business
Real Estate Investing
Work at home mothers
Business improvement

A good Mastermind group is made up of individuals that are
givers and team oriented.

Some of the conditions of being accepted into an Mastermind
alliance may include but not limited to the following:

A member must be willing to give as much as he receives, is willing
to be supportive, must have integrity, must respect the privacy of all
that is shared by members and must be committed to attending

Jose Farnot
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Team Builder

Posts : 783
Join date : 2007-08-31

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PostSubject: Re: Mastermind Alliance   Mastermind Alliance Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 6:31 am

Napoleon Hill demonstrated through years of research (a lifetime)
that no successful person has ever done it alone.

Successful people surround themselves with people that can
advise them, encourage them, inspire them and criticize them.
(Successful people welcome constructive criticism)

By being a member of a mastermind group a person can tap
into an intelligence that is powerful and beyond themselves.

Right here in this forum you have a mastermind group that
you can tap into.

I personally have gained knowledge, have been inspired
and benefited from being part of this forum.

Jose Farnot
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Mastermind Alliance
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