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 ASM Autoresponder Offer

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PostSubject: ASM Autoresponder Offer   ASM Autoresponder Offer Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 6:25 pm

Another area of either confusion or neglect, that is leaving a TON of
prospects and a LOT of money on the table, is the use or non-use as the
case may be, of an autoresponder system in marketing/promotions

I'm hoping to complete a report on the use of autoresponders in
successful marketing efforts and campaigns in the next few days. But in
the meantime I wanted to share some basics that might be of help to
members who are not familiar with a/r systems or afraid of or confused
by them to some degree! Very Happy They will be in a post that I will make
shortly, but I wanted to get the following offer out to you first:

To help make this even more meaningful and helpful, hopefully
anyway Laughing , I have created an autoresponder system account, just for
Team Builder Forum members. It is a scaled down account but still gives
you some powerful features and will give you the ability to get in
the 'follow-up' game immediately. It will also give you an opportunity to
put into practice some of the things I'll be sharing with you.

There are no strings attached to this offer and it is yours to keep and use,
for any legitimate purpose, for as long as you wish. It is NOT a script that
you have to install, you simply have to register it, log-in and begin to
learn and use it. However, I want to be upfront with the fact that if you
like the system and benefit from it, you may want to upgrade it sometime
in the future. There are several upgrade options, all for a small, one time
only fee and you'll have the opportunity to do that just before you log-in
to your a/r admin panel each time. Upgrades are only available during
the first full week of each month.

If you are interested in accepting this free autoresponder system, just PM
me and I'll give you the download link. It's not being posted in the open
forum as it is not available to non-members. Also, please do NOT give
out link to anyone who is NOT a registered member of TBF.

If you take advantage of this offer, please DO NOT seek support or post
support questions here in the forum. Use the support methods available
through our system.

I hope some of you will find this useful!

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ASM Autoresponder Offer
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