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 Traffic Assault Team

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PostSubject: Traffic Assault Team   Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:48 pm

I thought this might be worth considering by Liana


There are many small to medium sized Traffic Exchanges (T.E.s) out there which command a loyal following, 55% to 65% will be hardened clickers who probably never see the content on their screen until click-time.
Of the other 40% or so, half will be newcomers or nearly newcomers.....this bunch is our Traffic Assault Team Target. Now these Newbies are keen and relatively untouched by scams and rip-offs and by and large DO read the content on the screen in front of them, and, because they are new and keen they DO notice a different contributor, provided that different contributor has the momentum to hit them VERY HARD OVER A SHORT SPACE OF TIME.

Now, obviously I cannot speak for other people, but all ONE/SOLO clicker can do is click away and hope for the best, I cannot afford to upgrade to get a better clicking/conversion (most folk cannot) ratio nor can I afford to buy clicks, but we need to saturate those Newbies with the Team Build/Totalisation message by placing our splash page in front of them with regularity and tempting them to click and find out more about us....and there is a way to do this.....a way that gets RESULTS....the TRAFFIC ASSAULT TEAM !!!.

A team of say 10 eager forum members (more would be useful but let us stay at 10 for this example) clicking 50 times each per day for 6 days = 3,000 clicks on an insignificant T.E. will get sign-ups....there is not a shadow of doubt.....I have done it in the past.....and it is FREE.....
Any Newbie who is bombarded with one particular web site will be unable to resist his/her inbuilt nosey inclination to have a look and once that happens we have a good chance of a sign-up. The so-called experts say a person needs to see a site at least 7 times...our Assault Team will make sure he/she sees our site at least a dozen times !!!.
After a week of continuous clicking on a particular site, the Traffic Assault Team withdraw and their efforts are concentrated on the next targeted T.E....and so on....there are plenty of the right type of T.E.s out there and thousands of Newbies looking for an opportunity such as Totalisation.
This recruiting method will place our business opportunity firmly in their laps!!.

The Traffic Assault Team would be active for say 6 days with 1 off.... members can nominate targets....each nominated target is vetted by the team leader to ensure suitability...we do not want T.E.s which require a long surfing introduction period nor do we require T.Es with high ratios for free members.
The nominated T.E., whilst under assault will be linked only to the Forum/Totalisaton page for the period of rotators...just
straightforward Team business. It will need to be co-ordinated by the a team leader for the Traffic Assault Team.
I know this approach works because I am in a team for another opportunity and it pulls in quickly fosters a wonderful sense of friendship and involvement from within the team.

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PostSubject: Re: Traffic Assault Team   Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:08 am

I have seen this work in another program also.



TRIVITA Earn Long Term Residual Income Trough Cooperative Marketing

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PostSubject: Re: Traffic Assault Team   Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:32 am

Great idea Graham !

I'd also like to formally welcome you as the newest member of our TBF Advertising team ! Your input and assistance will be greatly appreciated by our stall here and we're glad you've agreed to step up and help us !

Di sunny

PS If anyone else is interested, we can still use more help to join us in the great team effort we have going on ! Contact me for more details !!

Questions about our forum ??

Live life to it's fullest. Drink MonaVie !!
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PostSubject: Re: Traffic Assault Team   Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:51 am

I like the idea and Welcome to the advertising Team! Looking foward working with you! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Traffic Assault Team   Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:29 pm


I agree with the attack mode. and having specific positions for people! If members think they can do it on their own and want to promote there own link. We welcome this! We love the leadership quality and hope they understand they must help each person in there downline to succeed! but we are also promoting a team concept and we welcome those that need direction and a specific outlet to work!

I think a PM should be sent out to all the TB2 members with ths specific job in mind. Ones we fill these positions

We need the following positions also filled

Sqiudoo Lens and group promotions
Adlandpro email contact person
Apsense email contact person
RFN email contact person
Team Builder Forum PM contact person

The key is to explain to all TB2 members that this will make it so much easier for all of us to fill the downlines! It is a team effort that will make us all succeed and everyone that has joined is part of the team!

We are offering specific positions that will keep us focused in each of the advertising avenues. This way the members understand that they dont have to be all over the place to get the job done! Everyone small part will make the big picture work!
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PostSubject: Re: Traffic Assault Team   

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Traffic Assault Team
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