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PostSubject: My-Trafficempire   My-Trafficempire Icon_minitimeSat Feb 02, 2008 3:42 am

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking around for some Quality Advertising Products
to help kick start our new TB2 Campaign. Well I have to say I am
very impressed with what I have found, please bear in mind Admin
operate manual up-grades so after Payment there will be at least
24 hours delay, I am waiting for my status to change from Free to
Paid. Processors used are Paypal,Safepay,Alertpay, and you can
choose your own method of withdrawal. Once I have access to the
Paid Members Zone I will test all the advertising tools and report
back my findings, hopefully this will read very positive. Below are
more details of the income opportunity of MTE I have to agree the
Comp Plan is very good indeed.

Please let have your comments and if you wish to join the link is
placed at the bottom.

I joined this for the tools. I am impressed with what $25 one time fee buys. Then on reading the pay plan, I realized this is a no brainier and needed to be posted.
I have placed details below, this is a 2x forced matrix with no personal refs required to earn. Join from 1 link makes this a perfect NIL build. However members may then promote their own personal link.
Take a look and you will realize what a fantastic opportunity is available here.

The product,
>>Feature Rich Pro Auto Responders with two different kind of accounts; 5 bulk responders for loading up to 1500 leads daily, and 2 double opt in responders for building your own list which is great for lead capture pages!

>>Four upgraded accounts at our all inclusive marketing suites, including four traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, text ad exchanges and more.

>>Account at our credit based safe list MTE Safe List!

>>MTE URL Services. Create shortened urls to replace or mask your affiliate urls. Included tracking for the last 7 days with time stampls and ip addresses!

>>$1000's in downloads!

>>Lead Capture Pages.

>>Float in Ad Generator that cannot be blocked by browsers.

>>30+ professionally pre-written prospecting letters that you can load into your very own auto responder and use to prospect.

>>Two newsletter responder message series, Golden Strategies and Amercan Dream, that you can upload to your account. Both contain valuable information and 15 valualbe downloads. Great for attracting potential subscribers to joining your list.

>>Reduced web hosting packages and domain hosting! Paid members will receive 3 months hosting free!
And, so much more. Just a one time fee of $25

***And here is the MONEY (The Income)***

Your $25 one time membership payment enters you into our 2x10 matrix. Level one through six pays out $1, levels seven through 10 pays out $2. Total commissions for the entire 2x10 matrix is $3,966, from one $25 payment! Here is the break down level by level of what you can earn:

Level 1: 2 members x $1 = $2
Level 2: 4 members x $1 = $4
Level 3: 8 members x $1 = $8
Level 4: 16 members x $1 = $16
Level 5: 32 members x $1 = $32
Level 6: 64 members x $1 = $64
Level 7: 128 members x $2 = $256
Level 8: 256 members x $2 = $512
Level 9: 512 members x $2 = $1,024
Level 10: 1024 members x $2 = $2,048

Total Payout: $3,966.00

Not a bad payout at all from one $25 payment, but we are not done yet.

Forced Re-Buy In

Ok, what does "forced re-buy in" mean?

After you have reached a certain level of commissions, you will be asked to buy another position within the 2x10 matrix. This "forced re-buy in" is $25, but, it will not be paid out of your pocket, you will have commissions to cover this. There are 3 "forced re-buy ins" after your first $25 membership payment, but remember, you will have your commissions to cover these, so you will pay nothing additional out of pocket. This will keep recruiting totals low, and allow you to earn $3,966 x 4, for a total of $15,864 in commissions from your four positions.

After your last "forced re-buy in", you can then purchase as many buy-ins as you wish, but, you have to purchase 3 at a minimum.

But, we are not done yet. We sell hit packages ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 hits a month. You will earn a monthly residual income from any member in your 2x10 matrix who purchases one.

My link:
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PostSubject: Re: My-Trafficempire   My-Trafficempire Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 9:34 pm

Once you get the admin to upgrade you since it is done manually this site has many nice features.

Besides what Trevor mention you also get upgraded status at 2 traffic exchanges and safelists.

Plus 2 months of pro status at 12 other exchanges.

There is also a co-op that cost $10 a month and you can advertise any url you want. There are no set amount of hits to your site. No need to join My Traffic Empire to join the co-op anyone can join to advertise a link.




TRIVITA Earn Long Term Residual Income Trough Cooperative Marketing

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Team Builder

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PostSubject: Re: My-Trafficempire   My-Trafficempire Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 2:30 am

Hello Everyone,

Well after a glitch in there system I have finally resolved
the issue I was experiencing. And as a thank you for being
patient Thomas Wall Admin has given me a one month
membership to 50 Traffic Exchanges which will give our
Team Url Splash Page 100 Hits Daily howz about that then.
No I do not surf the product is a CO-OP, and I am using
there Tracker Programme to monitior all Hits to the URL
and I have a full Pro-Membership for a measly $25 I think
I got lucky.

Scott, keep an eye on Server it may Crash.

I will keep everyone up-dated on the performance of the
remaining Tools I am still testing, and tweaking hopefully
this will give us a lot of Exposure.
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PostSubject: Re: My-Trafficempire   My-Trafficempire Icon_minitime

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